Author Topic: Parallel ricc2 stops with I/O error message  (Read 10496 times)


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Parallel ricc2 stops with I/O error message
« on: August 06, 2007, 04:06:41 PM »

When I run ricc2 in parallel, I get the error message in output.err:

PGFIO-F-212/unformatted write/unit=-1/invalid unit number.
 In source file riccmos.f, at line number 505

several times. What's wrong?


The problem is a wrong setting of

$tmpdir directory

directory is NOT the directory where the scratch files will be written,
but the name of the directory that will be created.

If you set e.g.

$tmpdir /tmp

ricc2 will try to create the directories /tmp-001, /tmp-002, etc.
while the users do not have the permissions to create directories in /


Please set a sub-directory:

$tmpdir /tmp/newdir