Author Topic: TmoleX 3.1 - local queues  (Read 4982 times)


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TmoleX 3.1 - local queues
« on: March 24, 2011, 10:21:36 AM »
I have TmoleX 3.1 (with Turbomole) installed on a Kubuntu laptop. Most of my calculations are performed on a remote linux cluster equipped with a queuing system, but I would also like to run some simple test jobs locally, on the laptop. It works very well with one or two jobs, but when I want to start a series of calculations they all try to execute at once which effectively kills the laptop.

Is there a way to implement a local queue in TmoleX? In principle I could install locally a full queuing system and connect to it via ssh loopback but it seems like an overkill. I am looking for something like an option "use no more than X cores" (or "run no more than X jobs at once") and if X is exceeded then the jobs are put in a Wait state and started later.

If such option is not available can I add it to a wishlist?  :)